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Get a clear view of the top brands in EVERY product category in a few clicks. Discovering the brands your audience prefers is now easier than ever before. With our Brand Analytics tool, you can see what brands are topping the chart in your niche based on sales performance, reviews, and other crucial metrics.

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Make Informed Product Decisions

Do you have a favorite brand? You most likely do, and your target audience is not any different — they would choose certain brands over others. A simple way to position yourself for sales is to sell products from their favorite brands. Our Brand Analytics tool not only gives you a detailed list of the top brands in any category, but it also provides crucial brand data like in-stock rate, average seller count, total sales, average price, total product count, and total reviews.

Streamline Your Product Research

You can narrow down your search for the best brands with filters. All you have to do is specify your preferred in-stock rate, minimum & maximum revenue, minimum & maximum price, minimum & maximum total product, as well as your minimum & maximum reviews.

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How Does the Brand Analytics Tool Work?

Open the Brand Analytics tool in your ZonBase dashboard

Select your product category.

Set your filters based on your preferred specifications for the brand options you want.

The tool pulls up a list of the top brands in your product category that fit your specifications.

The tool provides detailed insight into the sales performance of these brands — it shows the in-stock rate, average seller count, average price, total sales, total revenue, total reviews, and total product count.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. The ZonBase Brand Analytics tool is a product research tool that allows you to discover the top brands in any product category.

A. While choosing products to sell on Amazon, you need to go for brands that people are interested in buying. This is what the Brand Analytics tool does for you.

A. Simply choose a product category or multiple categories and set your filters, and the tool will automatically provide an extensive list of the top brands in your specified categories.