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Our Zon grading tool allows you to upload a list of product options from your suppliers and access important product sales data swiftly. You can view the current selling price and see the monthly units sold for any product, based on previous sales history. Using this crucial product and sales data, you can make informed product decisions in record time.

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Obtain an estimate of your
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It’s not enough to find an in-demand product, you also have to ensure that it offers a substantial profit margin that allows you to scale quickly. Want to get an idea of how much profit you can make from selling a product? The Zon grading tool allows you to obtain an accurate estimated profit margin based on your COGS (Cost of Goods Sold).

Increase your chances of success with current market data

Having access to updated market data like selling prices and monthly units sold makes it easy for you to scale and build a successful Amazon wholesale business. You can review thousands of product options and choose the best ones in minutes.

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How Does the Zon Grading Tool Work?

Get a product UPC or ASIN code from your suppliers.

Click on the “Add a product” button and enter your UPC or ASIN code into the tool.

The tool pulls up a list of products that match your UPCs. Select the product you want to obtain data for and enter your COGS.

The tool runs a swift check, pulls up important product and sales data, and provides an estimated profit margin in seconds.

Product Research Has
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Zonbase Chrome Extension - Uncover hidden product and sales data about any Amazon product in minutes.

Zon Scanner - Ascertain the profitability of your top product picks in minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. The Zon Grading tool is a simple product research tool for wholesalers.

A. While researching products to sell on Amazon, you need to gauge a product’s demand, and one of the best ways is to check the sales data and obtain an estimated profit margin. You can also get information about the number of units a product sells monthly.

A. Simply copy and paste a product’s ASIN,EAN or UPC into the Zon Grading tool and get results within seconds.

A. The Zon Grading tool is available on all our plans, so to access it you have to sign up for the standard, legendary, or diamond plan. The plans cost $30/month, $83/month, and $200/month respectively.