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With Zon Scanner, you can ascertain the profitability of your top product picks in minutes.

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Scan And Uncover Profitable Product Options In One Click

Go from being unsure of a product’s profitability to being double sure about its profit potential. You no longer have to take the long route to ascertain a product’s profitability. With Zon Scanner, you can view important sales data like BSR, monthly estimated sales, monthly estimated revenue, product rating, and even the number of reviews. All you have to do now is to scan the product barcode and use the product sales information to determine the profit potential.

Get An Accurate Estimate Of Your Seller Fees

Zon Scanner not only pulls up essential product and sales information but also provides an accurate estimate of all the seller fees (FBA fees, referral fees, and storage fees) you are likely to incur as well as the potential net profit per unit sale.

Start Your Amazon Businesson a budget

Armed with all the product information you need, as well as an accurate estimate of your seller fees, you can finally start your Amazon retail arbitrage business on the right foot.


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How to Confirm Your Product’s Profit Potential in Minutes with Zon Scanner

Making substantial profit on Amazon is highly dependent on the products you choose, so it is important to confirm your product’s profit potential before sourcing them. This is where the Zon Scanner tool comes in.

Your profit potential cannot be determined based on trial and error, you have to factor in your business costs which include the cost of the product and your seller fees — FBA fee or seller fulfillment fee, referral fee, and storage fee. And all these fees can only be estimated by taking the product’s size into account.

The Zon Scanner tool allows you to scan product barcodes and access important product and sales information for any potential product option. Afterward, the tool displays the product’s size and generates an estimate for your seller fees depending on your fulfillment channel (FBA or FBM).

Based on the product sales data and seller fees estimate generated, Zon Scanner will predict your net profit margin making it easier for you to fix product prices and attain profitability on Amazon.

Zonbase Academy
Zonbase Academy
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